October 23, 2020

8 Election Podcasts To Get You Through the Home Stretch | In The Thick on Vanity Fair’s Latest Podcast List

When it rains, it pours! Accolades continue to pile up and this time they come from Vanity Fair!

“Hosted by Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela, In The Thick invites journalists of color to discuss stories and perspectives that are often missing from mainstream news sources. Alongside guests like Black Lives matter co-creator Alicia Garza and New York Congressional nominee Jamaal Bowman, Hinojosa and Varela illuminate important topics including the contributions of women of color organizers in grassroots movementsvoter suppression in the Souththe significance of Kamala Harris’ mixed heritage, and the history of reproductive rights for women of color and immigrants,” writes Justine Goode.

Our favorite part VF’s write up? Read here: “the co-hosts bring crackling energy and wit to each episode, another reason In The Thick stands out from the pack.”

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