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Maria is joined by guest co-host and ITT All-star Jamilah King to discuss the continued violence and attacks against Palestinians by Israeli settlers and forces in Gaza. We hear from Gaza-based journalist Hana Salah about what she is seeing on the grou…

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Maria is joined by Marinah Valenzuela Farrell, a Chicanx midwife and director of the Changing Woman Initiative, and Dr. Rachel Hardeman, a reproductive health equity researcher and a Tenured Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, School of…

"The banter between Julio and Maria is wonderfully intimate, like between best friends, who have graciously invited you along."

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March 26, 2021

A flood. A wave. A surge. What’s happening at the U.S.-Mexico border is none of those things, but you wouldn’t know it from watching or reading some of the coverage in U.S. media. In recent weeks, the phrases “surge of migrants,” “migrant surge,” “the surge,” “surge at border” and other variations have all appeared in…

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January 21, 2021

We host a wide-ranging discussion of the historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — the first-ever woman, South Asian and Black vice president — how we got here, and what comes next, with award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa and author and Harvard professor Cornel West. Hinojosa says she had “mixed emotions” watching the…

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January 12, 2021

NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly talks with journalist Maria Hinojosa and Texas immigration attorney Efrén Olivares about the Trump administration’s imprint on immigration policy.

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