August 21, 2020

A New Podcast Centering on Trans Voices Is Out

The TransLash Podcast, a TransLash Media production by Futuro Studios launched on Thursday. Hosted by ITT All-Star and journalist Imara Jones, an Emmy and Peabody winner, the podcast will air twice a month, offering insights into how current events affect the trans community, all through a trans lens.

With anti-trans violence and political backlash at all-time highs, the TransLash Podcast serves as a space where trans people and allies talk back about what matters most and discuss how to create a fairer world for all.

“Stories about trans people are all over the news,” Jones said. “But we don’t have enough opportunities to talk back to tell the world who we are, what matters to us, and what we think about everything that’s going on. And I firmly believe that storytelling is life. It’s why I created this podcast” 

“In each episode, we and our allies will look at society through our own eyes to help figure out what we should be doing to be even more free, so that trans people can thrive. And even though this podcast is about transness, it is also for those who want to get to know us and follow our lead,” Jones added.

In the first episode, Jones is joined by Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins, the first Black trans woman to be elected to political office in the history of the United States. Plus, a conversation with Microsoft’s Ana Arriola about artificial intelligence and the need for a radically inclusive approach to technology. 

Before diving deep into each episode, the podcast will always start with the trans choice segment. “We feel it is important to start each episode with light and whatever is bringing us joy in this moment, created explicitly with the idea of trans joy,” Jones said. 

Inaugurating the trans choice segment is Jordyn Jay, executive director of the artists collective Black Trans Femmes in the Arts. Jay created the organization last year as an NYU graduate arts politics student when she realized that the contributions of Black trans femmes were not recognized by the arts world. 

We’re so happy for Imara who continues to slay it!

Here is the first episode. You can learn more at the podcast’s official site.