January 17, 2023

A Civil Rights History Lesson

In this rebroadcast episode from 2021, Maria and Julio are joined by Jeanne Theoharis, distinguished professor of political science at Brooklyn College, historian, author and co-editor of “Julian Bond’s Time To Teach: A History of the Southern Civil Rights Movement.” They talk about the legacy of activist, politician and educator Julian Bond and the lessons from his lectures - compiled in the new book - on the civil rights movement and what it teaches us about the fight for racial justice and radical change.

ITT Staff Picks: 

  • “Critics of Black Lives Matter have held up King as a foil to the movement’s criticisms of law enforcement, but those are views that King himself shared,” writes Jeanne Theoharis in this 2021 essay for The Atlantic

  • Patrick Darrington spoke to the authors of “Prophet of Discontent: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Critique of Racial Capitalism,” about why Dr. King should be firmly situated within the Black radical tradition, for Teen Vogue

  • “We cannot all those who continue to harm our communities preach peace and patience while profiting off our collective misery. Honoring King and the beloved community demands more of each of us and our contributions to the greater good,” writes Anoa Changa for NewsOne

Photo credit: The Associated Press