November 9, 2021

A Climate of Racial Equity

Julio and guest co-host Jenni Monet, independent investigative journalist and founder of the newsletter Indigenously, are joined by S. Mitra Kalita, co-founder of URL Media and CEO and publisher of Epicenter-NYC, and Justin Worland, senior correspondent for Time Magazine covering climate change and policy. They reflect on the 2021 election results and unpack the latest with infrastructure spending and Biden’s Build Back Better plan. They also talk about the COP26 climate summit, and the latest on vaccine outreach. Staff Picks: - On the language around climate change, Mary Annaïse Heglar writes “as we look for new words and slogans, it should be for the purpose of galvanizing those who want to be on the right side of history,” for The Nation.  - Leaders in developing countries have faced hurdles in attending the COP26 climate conference, yet they are the most vulnerable to climate change, reports Justin Worland for Time Magazine.  - The 19th’s Washington correspondent Amanda Becker spoke with Arizona voters about what they are hoping to see from Biden’s Build Back Better plan, including a paid leave program.  Photo credit: AP Photo/Alastair Grant  

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