July 6, 2021

A Culture of Silence

In this rebroadcast episode from last summer, Maria and Julio are joined by Pam Campos-Palma, Director of Peace & Security at the Working Families Party, and Gina Peréz, cultural anthropologist and professor at Oberlin College to dig deep into the case of Vanessa Guillén, and the issues of sexual assault, structural racism and a culture of impunity in the U.S. military. They discuss the military's history of recruitment in Latino communities, and how Latina servicewomen have led the fight for justice by reclaiming their stories.    ITT Staff Picks: - In a piece for the Texas Tribune, Reese Oxner breaks down new state and federal legislation against military sexual assault over a year after Vanessa Guillén’s murder. - “Nothing really can bring her back at all but as long as we know how to honor her name and how to make this change, I feel like that would be some closure for us,” Vanessa Guillén’s sister told ABC News in this piece on Guillén’s legacy and the investigation into her murder. - An investigation by a team of reporters at the Associated Press revealed a deep-rooted culture of racism and discrimination in the U.S. military.   Photo credit: Marie D. De Jesus/Houston Chronicle via AP, Pool   This episode originally aired in August 2020.  

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