September 13, 2022

A Political Flashpoint

Maria and Julio are joined by Caitlin Dickerson, staff writer for The Atlantic, and Hamed Aleaziz, immigration policy reporter for the LA Times. They unpack immigration policy in the United States, including recent news of the Department of Homeland Security’s roll back of a Trump-era public charge rule. They also discuss how media coverage can impact immigrant communities.

ITT Staff Picks:

  • In this investigative piece for The Atlantic, Caitlin Dickerson dives into the history and impact of the former Trump administration’s family separation policy.

  • “Dramas playing out at the border are often the most attention-grabbing signs of immigration enforcement. How immigrants are treated in the interior of the country is less visible but equally telling,” writes Hamed Aleaziz for the Los Angeles Times.

  • Surveillance tactics by the Department of Homeland Security are increasingly being used against U.S. citizens, reports Gaby Del Valle for The Nation.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Eugene Garcia, File