July 14, 2020

America the Buzzkill

Maria and Julio are joined by Alexis Madrigal, staff writer at The Atlantic and co-founder of The Atlantic's COVID Tracking Project. They dig into the stories behind the COVID-19 data, and discuss the disproportionate impact the disease continues to have on people of color, particularly the Latino community.

Alexis delves into how the U.S. government's incompetence to protect the most vulnerable from COVID-19 led it to have the worst response to the virus in the world. 

"Like the thing you need to do for this virus is protect the most vulnerable people. Like that's the number one thing, and this country has, for hundreds of years, been dependent on exploiting the most vulnerable people not protecting us."

This episode was produced by Nicole Rothwell.

ITT Staff Picks:

  • In Alexis' latest piece for The Atlantic, he warns of the dire consequences of the impending possibility that the country's COVID-19 testing system becomes overwhelmed, again.
  • The New York Times breaks down the data on the coronavirus racial disparities and the stories behind the staggering statistic that Latinos and Black Americans in the United States are three times more likely to become infected as their white counterparts.
  • After Mark Anthony Urquiza died of coronavirus, NBC's Nicole Acevedo reported on the now-viral obituary that his family wrote in The Arizona Republic, which attributed his death to "the carelessness of politicians who continue to jeopardize the health of black and brown bodies."

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt York, File

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