August 10, 2021

America’s Farmworkers

Maria and Julio are joined by Norma Flores López, Chief Programs Officer at Justice for Migrant Women, and Reyna Lopez, Executive Director of Oregon’s largest farmworker union: Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste or PCUN, to talk about the movement for justice and rights for farmworkers. They dive into how the record heat waves are affecting farmworkers, how the history of farming is rooted in slavery and what is needed to provide protection as well as a pathway to citizenship for farmworkers. ITT Staff Picks:  - Maurizio Guerrero writes about how undocumented farmworkers are facing deadly heat waves and worsening working conditions due to the climate crisis in this piece for In These Times.  - Jessica Fu writes about the Farm Workforce Modernization Act and who it’s really benefiting in this piece for The Counter.  - “The agricultural exemption from the FLSA not only allows children to work longer hours, at younger ages, than in any other industry in the U.S., but it also allows children to work in more hazardous conditions, according to [Human Rights Watch],” write Karen Coates and Valeria Fernández in this 2019 piece for Pacific Standard.  Photo credit: AP Photo/Nathan Howard  

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