August 27, 2021

Black Power Manifesto

In this rebroadcast episode from earlier this year, Maria and Julio are joined by Charles Blow, columnist for The New York Times and author of "The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto." They talk about Black political power and Charles' call for a reversal of the Great Migration to create Black regionalism in the South. They also discuss how to confront anti-Black violence in this moment of racial reckoning.   ITT Staff Picks:  - For The New York Times Opinion, Charles Blow writes about the new census data proving to be frightening for white nationalists, and the importance of political power.  - Malcolm Carter reports on how some cities are ready to challenge the census results, fearing there was an undercount in the Black community, for The Community Voice. - The Black Power Movement was “an outgrowth of the civil rights movement that emerged in the 1960s with calls to reject slow-moving integration efforts and embrace self-determination,” writes Jameelah Nasheed, Op-Ed columnist for Teen Vogue.   Photo credit: Beowulf Sheehan   This episode originally aired in February 2021 and was mixed by Rosana Cabán.  

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