September 14, 2021

Cross-Border Abortion Care

Maria and guest co-host Jamilah King, deputy inequality editor at BuzzFeed News, are joined by Lina-Maria Murillo, assistant professor of gender, women’s and sexuality studies, and history, at the University of Iowa, and Veronica Martinez, journalist covering gender and immigration for La Verdad, for a conversation about reproductive justice. They unpack the latest on the Texas abortion ban and Mexico’s Supreme Court ruling that decriminalizes abortion, and also get into how people historically have crossed these borders for abortion care. ITT Staff Picks:  - For the Washington Post, Lina-Maria Murillo writes about the history of abortion bans and flights: “No matter what antiabortion crusaders try, pregnant people will always find ways to have abortions — and networks that go beyond borders have long helped them navigate treatment options.” - The Texas abortion ban will heavily affect immigrant, Black, poor women of color and Texans with disabilities, report Jolie McCullough and Neelam Bohra, for The Texas Tribune.  - In a collaboration between La Verdad and El Paso Matters, Veronica Martinez reports about Mexico and Texas’ recent actions on abortion and how this will affect women on either side of the border. Photo credit: AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell, File  

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