November 10, 2020

Donny, You’re Done

Maria and Julio are joined by Anoa Changa, a freelance journalist based in Atlanta covering movements and electoral justice, and Aída Chávez, a journalist at The Intercept covering Congress and the impact of public policy on diverse communities. They talk about the 2020 election results and the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx voters who turned out at record numbers. They also look at what’s next in a Biden-Harris administration and how the dangers of white supremacy and Trumpism are not over. ITT Staff Picks: - "Particularly in Maricopa County, a long-running organizing campaign against Sheriff Joe Arpaio pulled together a political constituency with its own motivations, community, and sense of identity," writes Aída Chavez and Ryan Grim for The Intercept. - In her latest for Scalawag Magazine, Anoa Changa writes about the importance of local action and organizing — beyond the election — in continuing to fight state-run voter suppression and police brutality. - "We’ve always organized and fought back for a greater purpose. We’ve never had a choice to trust the nation’s institutions, and instead, organizers from the Black South challenged their white supermacist structure and ideology in every era," writes Taylor Crumpton about the Black radical tradition in the South for Teen Vogue. Credit: (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)  

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