September 21, 2021

Feeding the Climate Monster

Maria and Julio get into the ongoing climate crisis with Kendra Pierre-Louis, producer and senior climate reporter with the Gimlet-Spotify podcast How to Save a Planet, and Dallas Goldtooth, organizer with the Keep It in the Ground Campaign for the Indigenous Environmental Network. They discuss how communities of color are the most impacted by climate disasters globally, and also how they are at the forefront of pushing for climate justice.  ITT Staff Picks: - Zahra Hirji reports on the Biden administration finally setting in place initiatives to address worker-related deaths due to extreme heat, for BuzzFeed.  - “The climate crisis we face has been caused by the breakdown of our relationships over time, and to solve the crisis we must repair those relationships first,” writes Jena Brooker for The Grist.  - Michelle Gamage interviewed four experts on what Canadian politicians should do to address the climate crisis, including protecting climate activists and creating policy led by Indigenous people, for The Tyee. Photo credit: AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File  

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