August 17, 2021

Fighting Vaccine Misinformation

Julio is joined by Dr. Bianka Soria-Olmos, a pediatrician at Cook Children’s Pediatrics, and Dr. Darien Sutton, emergency medicine physician and medical contributor for ABC News, for a conversation about the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine access. They discuss the politicization of the pandemic and the spread of misinformation around vaccines. They also unpack how this latest surge of COVID-19 has affected children.  ITT Staff Picks: - “The pandemic isn’t over, but it will be: The goal is still to reach the endgame with as little damage, death, and disability as possible,” explains science writer Ed Yong for The Atlantic. - On vaccine hesitancy, columnist Nesrine Malik writes that the root of the issue is a distrust in the state, for The Guardian.  - For The Nation, public health advocate Dr. Rhea Boyd writes about how the COVID vaccination effort is incomplete without a recalibrated health care system.  Photo credit: AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File  

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