March 9, 2021

Full Spectrum of Grief

As the one-year mark of quarantine approaches, Maria and Julio hold space for grief and reflection. They talk with Alua Arthur, a death doula and founder of Going With Grace, and Sarah Chavez, a death positive activist and executive director of The Order of the Good Death. They process a year of continuous loss, and they hear about Dr. Magdala Chery's experiences as a Black physician and daughter to loved ones lost.

Credit to Stephanie Rivers for her rendition of "Amazing Grace" featured in this Virtual Candlelight Vigil hosted by Reimagine

ITT Staff Picks:

  • Kylie Rodriguez-Cayro shares advice on grieving in this piece for Huffington Post.
  • Terese Marie Mailhot writes in Time Magazine about returning to the Native grieving ceremonies — that she once rejected — when she lost two friends during the pandemic.
  • "It's a fact of American life that the divide between Black and white affects us from the cradle to the grave," writes Kaitlyn Greenidge in this article for The New York Times.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, experiencing anxiety or depression, or looking for someone to talk to, there are resources that can help:

Photo credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon


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