December 8, 2020

Georgia Spirit

With a January special election for two senate seats approaching, this show is all about Georgia. Maria and Julio welcome Aimée Castenell, southeast region communications director for the Working Families Party, and Anjali Enjeti, co-founder of the Georgia chapter of They See Blue, an organization for South Asian Democrats. They talk about who is on the ballot, voter suppression efforts by the GOP, and the multiracial people-powered movements that are turning Georgia blue. ITT Staff Picks:  - Former ITT guest, Anoa Changa writes about how Reverend Warnock's history as a sexual health educator has prepared him to run for senate in this piece for Harper's Bazaar. - "When Georgia turned blue for Mr. Biden this year after record voter turnout, it validated the political vision and advocacy of a group of Black women who have led a decades-long organizing effort to transform the state’s electorate" writes ITT All-Star Astead Herndon in this article for The New York Times. - Kristle Chester writes about the small-town Georgia voters that are Sen. Kelly Loeffler's biggest vulnerability when it comes to re-election in this piece for Politically Speaking via Medium. Photo credit: AP Photo/Sudhin Thanawala  

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