July 12, 2023

Native Rights Upheld

Maria and Julio discuss the record levels of heat in the world and the disappointing dismissal of reparations for survivors of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre. In our roundtable, Julio is joined by Rebecca Nagle, a Cherokee writer and host of the award-winning podcast This Land, and Joseph M. Pierce, associate professor in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature at Stony Brook University, to talk about Indigenous rights in light of the Supreme Court ruling on ICWA. ITT Staff Picks: 
  • Joseph Winters writes about how climate change is driving more frequent and more severe heat waves, in this article for Grist
  • “The survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre were not trying to punish the people of Tulsa, nor were they asking for a handout. They paid taxes to be protected by a law enforcement and justice system that instead robbed them of their homes, loved ones and livelihoods. The descendants of the enslaved are simply seeking a return on the investment their ancestors contributed to America’s wealth fund,” writes Michael Harriot, in this article for The Grio
  • In her podcast This Land, Rebecca Nagle discusses the sinister reasons that the far-right wants to use Native children. Listen to the series on Crooked Media
Photo credit: AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib, File