August 13, 2021

ITT Sound Off: Accountability and Action

Maria and Julio discuss New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation following the state attorney general’s report which corroborated the sexual harassment allegations against him. They also get into the latest with Congress and the Senate’s passing of the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, and give an update on COVID-19 and the Delta variant’s surge in the South. ITT Staff Picks: - “Politicians are a means to an end. They exist to be replaced when they are unethical or no longer useful to progress,” Sarah Jones writes about Gov. Cuomo’s downfall in this piece for New York Magazine. - National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation, Joan Walsh, writes about the good and bad parts of the recently passed infrastructure bill, and the need to prioritize voting rights, too. - NPR breaks down new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau which shows that the country has grown more ethnically and racially diverse. Photo credit: AP Photo/Hans Pennink  

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