November 13, 2020

ITT Sound Off: America Showed Up

Maria and Julio discuss the Republican Party's efforts to undermine the election results. They also give updates on the Biden-Harris transition process and the country’s COVID-19 surge.  ITT Staff Picks - “There’s no saving America’s soul. There's no restoring the soul. There's no fighting for the soul of America. There’s no uniting the souls of America. There is only fighting off the other soul of America,” writes Ibram X. Kendi for The Atlantic.  - In an op-ed for The Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin writes that Republicans may never have the nerve to stand up to Trump.  - Elena Moore examines the initiatives and actions that President-elect Joe Biden plans to implement during his first 100 days of office via NPR.  Photo credit: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik  

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