November 6, 2020

ITT Sound Off: Election Week

Maria and Julio discuss the ongoing 2020 election results and the BIPOC vote. They hear from Grecia Lima, national political director for Community Change Action, on Latino electoral power in Arizona. They also unpack the historic wins in down-ballot races on the state and local level. Did you miss our live election night show? You can still catch it here! ITT Staff Picks: - “A record number of Native American women are headed to Congress,” writes Mariel Padilla for The 19th. - Daniel Nichanian and Anna Simonton examine how voters responded to criminal justice reform for The Appeal. - “There are few unifying ties between Puerto Ricans in Pennsylvania, Mexicans in Texas, and Venezuelans in Florida, other than the artificial category of Latino voter,” ITT All-Star, Andrea González-Ramírez explains why there’s no such thing as the “Latino Vote” in Gen Magazine by Medium. Photo credit: AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell  

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