October 21, 2022

ITT Sound Off: Fire in the Belly

Maria and Julio talk through the latest with the upcoming midterm elections, including the heated Senate debates in Georgia and Florida, and the record-breaking early voter turnout in Georgia this week. They also discuss the newly released body-cam footage of voter fraud arrests in Florida, and unpack recent polling about the decline in democracy.

ITT Staff Picks:

  • With three weeks left before the midterm elections, Lisa Lerer breaks down the “state of the races for the House and Senate,” in this article for The New York Times.

  • Mark Follman writes about research showing a troubling number of Americans believe violence is justified in order to “stop voter fraud” and advance other political objectives, in this article for Mother Jones.

  • Jeet Heer writes that strong messaging on issues like reproductive freedom has “kept the Democrats competitive—but they have not been sufficient to close the deal. To win over the crucial body of wavering voters, an economic message is necessary,” for The Nation.

Photo credit: Thomas Cordy/The Palm Beach Post via AP, Pool