June 24, 2022

ITT Sound Off: Havoc on Our Democracy

Maria and guest co-host Christina Greer, political scientist, professor at Fordham University and co-host of the FAQ NYC podcast, talk about the latest on the House Committee’s January 6 hearings. They also discuss new details on the law enforcement’s response to the mass shooting in Uvalde. Plus, Maria shares her thoughts on the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

ITT Staff Picks:

  • For The 19th, reporter Shefali Luthra explains how the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will impact abortion rights around the country.

  • Witnesses at the January 6th hearings are testifying about what it’s like to be targeted by Trump’s machine of hate-mongering and harassment, writes Evan Osnos for The New Yorker.

  • “Now, after a long procession of funerals, the collective grief here is turning into collective rage,” write Silvia Foster-Frau and Teo Armus in this piece on a group of mothers and activists in Uvalde, for The Washington Post

Photo credit: AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe