March 5, 2021

ITT Sound Off: Insurrectionists and Their Mothers

Maria and Julio get into the latest with the coronavirus pandemic, including states like Texas and Mississippi that are lifting their mask mandates and moving to reopen. They also dive into the Senate hearing on the Capitol attack, and reflect on how mainstream media has been covering the insurrectionists. And, they end with an update on the bid for statehood for Puerto Rico. As we reach one year of COVID-19 and quarantine, we want to hear from you. After a year of so much loss, we want to hear how you're grieving, coping and holding space to process. Call us to leave a voicemail on the In The Thick hotline at (505) 226-8973 or send us a voice memo via email to ITT Staff Picks:  - Julio breaks down the reasons why the push for Puerto Rico's statehood keeps stalling in this piece for The Washington Post. - "The reforms being pushed could not have even saved George Floyd’s life. We need much more than this," writes Derecka Purnell in this piece for The Guardian.  - Ja'han Jones reports on a weeklong water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi — a majority-Black city — that has left hundreds of thousands under a boil water advisory via Huffington Post. Photo credit: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File  

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