February 3, 2023

ITT Sound Off: Kevin and the Chaos Kids

Julio and guest co-host Renée Graham, opinion columnist and associate editor at The Boston Globe, discuss Tyre Nichols’ funeral and the white supremacy behind the undercounted number of police violence cases in the U.S. They also discuss the College Board’s amendments to its AP African American Studies course, which were made shortly after Gov. Ron DeSantis rejected the course in the state of Florida. And, they unpack the recent vote to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Republican Nikki Haley’s run for presidency. 

ITT Staff Picks: 

  • “With the police killing of Nichols, the wash-rinse-repeat cycle has begun anew. There have been protests, though nowhere near as large or diverse as those in 2020. Black people, as usual, are doing the heavy lifting. There are talks again about reviving the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act that previously stalled in the Senate. But it’ll never get through House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s extremist puppet masters,” writes Renée Graham in this piece for The Boston Globe

  • John Nichols writes about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s record on foreign policy and states that despite her removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, she will not be silenced, in this article for The Nation

  • Marcus Anthony Hunter writes about how the African American story is also the American story, and yet it is an uphill battle to teach African American history in light of Gov. DeSantis’ decision, in this article for the LA Times

Photo credit: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File