March 20, 2020

ITT Sound Off: Life in the Time of Corona

In this week’s ITT Sound Off, Maria and Julio continue to bring you the latest political news while in isolation from their homes. On today’s show, we talk about the continuing global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, including in Latin America. We also bring you immigration news that has gone uncovered during this time, and discuss how COVID-19 is affecting primary elections across the United States.  We want to hear how you’re COVID Coping. Whatever your experience, we want to hear how you’re coping, finding joy and hope in these unprecedented times. Call us to leave a voicemail on In The Thick hotline at (505) 226-8973 or send us a voice memo via email to   ITT Staff Picks: - Here’s a moment of joy in these times: a coronavirus-inspired jam (dance included) to help the kid in you stay healthy and safe. The original song by Mister Cumbia released on Jan. 26 and landed on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 list this week. - In the latest on border restrictions, Latino Rebels reports that officials are expected to halt cross-border traffic between the United States and Mexico. This comes after the U.S. and Canada announced a mutual border closing this week.  - Vox reports that immigration enforcement is continuing in spite of the public health crisis throughout the country.  

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