May 28, 2021

ITT Sound Off: Minneapolis, One Year Later

Maria and Julio reflect on one year since the murder of George Floyd. They share highlights from ITT’s first virtual live show of 2021 this week, where they were joined by local Minneapolis journalists Georgia Fort and Tarkor Zehn to talk about police violence, racial justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. They also discuss race education in schools and mainstream media’s coverage of movements and policing in this country. If you missed our ITT Virtual LIVE show, you can still watch it here. This episode is sponsored by Ground News - The world's first news comparison platform. Download Ground News for free: ITT Staff Picks: - The Associated Press published a profile of George Floyd last year, from his days in high school to his fatal encounter with police last May.  - Reflecting on a year after George Floyd’s murder, Mother Jones’ Nathalie Baptiste writes about “the inevitable backlash that occurs after a broad movement for racial justice takes place.” - For The New York Times’ Opinion, Talmon Joseph Smith writes about how privilege and capital became warped in the movement for Black lives: “All in all, it seems there was a racial reckoning — it was just disproportionately experienced by privileged Americans.” Photo credit: AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa  

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