June 5, 2020

ITT Sound Off: National Uprising

Protests continue across every state in this country, and in countries around the world, in the fight for racial justice for Black lives. Maria and Julio talk about the different ways people have been organizing, the gaslighting they have seen in responses from those in power, and what this means in the context of 2020 primary elections. ITT Staff Picks:  - “Responding to a protest of police violence with more police violence and more criminalization, is the absolute worst possible response," Andrea Ritchie, told reporter Fernanda Echavarri in this piece about the effects of curfews for Mother Jones. - Astead W. Herndon's piece for The New York Times focuses on flipping the framework for the 2020 election. He writes, "If Democrats want people to vote, party leaders need to listen to why people are angry." - Zack Linley writes for The Root about the police killing of Manuel Ellis, a black man who died in Tacoma, Washington on March 3, 2020.  

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