September 24, 2021

ITT Sound Off: Not a Humane System

In this week’s sound off, Maria and Julio dive deep into the violent border enforcement we witnessed in Del Rio, Texas where thousands of Haitian refugees were being held and turned away. They discuss the horrifying images of Border Patrol agents attacking Haitian immigrants and the media’s responsibility to push back against the Biden administration’s narrative. ITT Staff Picks:  - Felipe De La Hoz writes about flaws and gaps in how we talk about asylum seekers: “Many seem to think that the president still has the option, the duty, to violate domestic and international law and shut down asylum,” in this March piece for The Baffler.   - Patrice Lawrence, executive director of the UndocuBlack Network, writes “The Biden administration could have made a strong statement in favor of due process and dignity by allowing for an orderly asylum process. Instead, it has opted for mass expulsions of vulnerable people,” in this op-ed for CNN.  - Hamed Aleaziz spoke with 20 government officials at the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, about the Biden administration’s approach to immigration policy, via Buzzfeed News.  Photo credit: AP Photo/Fernando Llano  

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