June 11, 2021

ITT Sound Off: Root Causes of Migration

Maria and Julio unpack Vice President Kamala Harris’ visits to Guatemala and Mexico, and give the historical context behind her speech on immigration. We hear from Oscar Chacón, executive director of Alianza Americas, about the U.S.’ involvement in Central America. They also talk about two incidents at high school graduation ceremonies where students were reprimanded for expressing their Mexican heritage. ITT Staff Picks: - This article from El Faro English explains how Vice President Kamala Harris’ message to migrants “triggered a backlash among human rights defenders and Central America experts.” - Sandra Cuffe writes that Vice President Kamala Harris’ pledge “to tackle corruption as a root cause of U.S.-bound migration” offered little optimism, via The Intercept. - Latino Rebels reports a missing angle regarding Ever López’s graduation story: how “the ugly side of seeing Latinos going after Latinos was front and center.” Photo credit: AP Photo/Oliver de Ros  

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