May 24, 2019

ITT Sound Off: Six Is Too Many

Julio is joined by guest co-host Antonia Cereijido of Latino USA to discuss the tragedy and horror of six migrant children who have died in U.S. custody in the last eight months. Meanwhile, most 2020 presidential candidates have no comprehensive immigration reform plan with the exception of Julián Castro. This week, Castro went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about his plan and to call out Democrats' lack of action on this issue. They also discuss the latest collaboration between another 2020 candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who called out Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin for his shady corporate dealings.   ITT Staff Picks:

  • The crisis of children dying in custody at the border, explained by Vox

  • Julio's latest for Latino Rebels about how Julián Castro told Seth Meyers that Democratsshould've acted on immigration reform in 2009–2010. 

  • Where 2020 Democrats stand on immigration, from The Washington Post.


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