April 24, 2020

ITT Sound Off: Targeting Immigration

On today’s ITT Sound Off, Maria and Julio are fed up. They talk about how the Trump administration continues to lash out at immigrants, and the disproportionate press coverage the President’s tweets receive. They also dive into what is happening in Chelsea, Massachusetts and in the Bronx, New York where hotspots of the virus are developing. We want to hear from you. As schools shut and services become difficult to access, this is an especially tough time for young LGBTQ people of color. If you’re a part of this community, and have been struggling with the idea of home or finding a safe place to shelter, call us to leave a voicemail on In The Thick hotline at (505) 226-8973 or send us a voice memo via email to inthethick@futuromediagroup.org. ITT Staff Picks:  - Julio talks with Chelsea City Councilor Judith Garcia about what is happening in Chelsea, MA. Chelsea is 70 percent Latino, right across the river from Boston, and has the highest rates of positive coronavirus cases per 10,000 people similar to New York City via Latino Rebels. - The Washington Post reports that as of April 21, the Bronx has more coronavirus infections per capita than any of the city’s other boroughs. The Bronx is where much of New York City's essential workforce lives. - Along with healthcare workers and those in the food service, morticians are on the front line. Reuters reporters talk with four female undertakers about the challenges of continuing to help families navigate death in this pandemic.  

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