February 7, 2020

ITT Sound Off: Tearable Politics

In this week's ITT Sound Off, Maria and Julio discuss the verdict of Trump's impeachment trial -- an acquittal. The President boasted about his victory in Washington DC on Thursday. They also address the chaos surrounding the Iowa caucus results. As of Friday, 99 percent of the results are in, with the exception of one precinct. They talk about how Trump's State of the Union address was boycotted by many politicians and literally ripped up by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. ITT is traveling around the country to cover the 2020 election! See our upcoming live show dates and RSVP below: - Live from Jackson, MS on 2/18: https://ittlivejackson2020.eventbrite.com     - Live from Jackson, MS on 2/19: https://ittlivejacksonimmigration.eventbrite.com   - Live from Detroit, MI on 3/4: http://bit.ly/ittLIVEfromDetroit     ITT Staff Picks: - Latino Rebels: 'Othered' in America: An Old Story, still Playing out Daily - The erasure of Elizabeth Warren continues, by The Nation - With impeachment acquittal, the GOP has given Trump a blank check to do anything he wants, via Democracy Now  

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