October 1, 2021

ITT Sound Off: The Congress Mess

Julio and guest co-host Jamilah King, deputy inequality editor at Buzzfeed News, talk about the latest in Congress, including Thursday’s vote to temporarily stop a government shutdown, and the infrastructure and budget reconciliation bills. They hear from Representative Jamaal Bowman, of New York’s 16th Congressional District, about the frustrating delay in passing immigration reform. And, they discuss the impact of vaccine mandates on the NBA.  ITT Staff Picks: - Stephen Crockett Jr. writes about how Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are loving the attention that comes with being the roadblock to the Democratic agenda in this piece for The Root.  - “Republicans think that by voting against the debt ceiling hike, they’re showing that Democrats are responsible for the debt. But they’re really demonstrating that the security of the United States depends on Democratic control of Congress,” writes William Saletan in this piece for Slate.  - “But if the league’s unvaccinated players are going to use their proverbial microphone to showcase their own lack of information—and potentially threaten their team’s ability to compete—then high-profile players should use their own platform to call out their teammates,” writes Jemele Hill in this piece for The Atlantic.  Photo credit: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik  

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