April 10, 2020

ITT Sound Off: The Hardest Hit

Julio and guest co-host Jamilah King talk more about how the coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately affecting communities of color. They also discuss the latest with the 2020 Election including, Senator Bernie Sanders’s exiting the race. And, they breakdown the Wisconsin primary, which was held this week despite statewide stay-at-home orders.  We want to keep hearing from you and how you’re COVID Coping. Tell us how you're finding joy and hope in these unprecedented times. Call us to leave a voicemail on the In The Thick hotline at (505) 226-8973 or send us a voice memo via email to inthethick@futuromediagroup.org.  ITT Staff Picks: - All around the country, the coronavirus pandemic seems to be hitting people of color the hardest. Ibram X. Kendi shares his experience and analysis via The Atlantic. - Wisconsin held a primary election on Tuesday, but the Wisconsin State Journal is anticipating a “cascade” of lawsuits as voters faced an impossible choice: prioritizing health or their right to participate in democracy. - Research shows the coronavirus came to New York mainly from Europe, not Asia, and had begun to circulate by mid-February, even though the first case wasn’t confirmed until weeks later via The New York Times.  

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