August 20, 2021

ITT Sound Off: The Imperialist Template

Maria and Julio get into the latest breaking news from Afghanistan and discuss the role of mainstream media and multiple presidential administrations throughout the destructive war. They also hear from Ali Latifi, an Afghan journalist for Al Jazeera English based in Kabul. Finally, they get into the devastation caused by the recent earthquake in Haiti and what it means for people who are still rebuilding from prior disasters. ITT Staff Picks:  - “Afghanistan has been a victim of foreign influence, decades of intrusion by our neighbors, two deadly occupations, and decades of nonstop violence,” writes Ali Latifi in this piece for The Nation. - Nasrin Nawa writes in this piece for the Washington Post about what she is hearing from her sister, and other family members, as they try to flee Afghanistan. - Garry Pierre-Pierre writes about the lessons the Haitian diaspora can learn from 2010 when it comes to offering help for The Haitian Times.  Photo credit: 1st Lt. Mark Andries/U.S. Marine Corps via AP  

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