January 14, 2022

ITT Sound Off: Too Little, Too Late

Maria and Julio talk about the latest on federal voting rights legislation, a devastating fire in the Bronx, and give an update on grassroots organizing in New York City. They also reflect on the growing number of non-white NPR hosts who have recently left the network. 

ITT Staff Picks:

  • President Biden gave a strong speech on voting rights and filibuster reform, but it’s unlikely to make meaningful legislative change, reports Li Zhou for Vox
  • This post from Epicenter NYC, a community journalism initiative founded by S. Mitra Kalita, lists ways to help out those affected by the Bronx fire. 
  • Former NPR host Audie Cornish is among the latest to leave the media outlet, joining part in what is being known as “The Great Resignation,” with a majority of women of color leaving their employment, reports Alexandra Jane for The Root

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky


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