June 22, 2021

Latinidad Is Canceled

Maria and Julio are joined by Alexa Muñoz, a teacher and translator based in Washington Heights, and Dr. Jessica Marie Johnson, assistant professor in the department of history at Johns Hopkins University. They dive into a conversation about colorism and anti-Blackness in Hollywood and Latinx communities in light of the controversy sparked around the film release of “In The Heights.” They also unpack the notion of Latinidad and what it means to push back against internalized white supremacy. ITT Staff Picks: - In this 2019 piece for The Nation, Miguel Salazar interviews a group of journalists, organizers, and thinkers about pushback against the concept of Latinidad. - Nili Blanck writes about the immigrant and Dominican history of Washington Heights, the neighborhood behind “In The Heights,” for Smithsonian Magazine. - “The truth is there can be no Latino representation without Afro-Latinos. There is no story of Washington Heights without Black people and Afro-Dominicans of all shades,” writes Natasha S. Alford in this piece for CNN.  Photo credit: Warner Bros. via AP  

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