May 12, 2020

Learning in Quarantine

This week Maria and Julio are talking about education during the time of this pandemic. They hear from Dr. Elizabeth Farfán-Santos, professor of anthropology at the University of Houston, and Dr. Pedro Noguera, professor of education at the University of California, Los Angeles, about how school districts across the country are adapting to online learning, what gaps still remain especially for students of color, and what this new normal means for our systems of education going forward. ITT Staff Picks: - Dr. Elizabeth Farfán-Santos writes about the need to slow down our K-12 learning during COVID-19 for mental health's sake via Latino Rebels. - Chalkbeat reports that schools in the highest-poverty districts are most likely to bear the brunt of budget cuts. But that can be avoided depending on how state lawmakers act.  - "For some parents of means, the prospect of sending kids back into the petri dish of school almost certainly will be too scary, so they will choose to delay. And that choice will have serious downstream consequences," Kiera Butler writes for Mother Jones.  

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