September 18, 2020

Maria’s Big Book

Julio is joined by guest co-host and ITT All-Star Terrell Jermaine Starr to talk with our very own Maria Hinojosa about her newly released book, Once I was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America. They dive into the history of U.S. immigration policy— drawing parallels to the dehumanization of Black and Indigenous people. They also discuss Maria’s path to recognizing her mission as a journalist, from launching Futuro Media to writing her book.  ITT Staff Picks - “Hinojosa’s book is as much a manifesto as it is a memoir,” writes Fernanda Santos in a recent book review for The New York Times. - In Tina Vasquez's latest for Prism, the women being detained by ICE who were allegedly given unwanted hysterectomies also disclose mistreatment from the whistleblower. - In a piece for The Atlantic, Yascha Mounk writes about the coming election crisis, and “how millions of Americans will likely believe that their candidate was robbed.” Photo Credit: Maria Hinojosa  

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