March 3, 2020

Mississippi’s Fight to Exist

Maria and Julio are joined by Arekia Bennett, executive director of Mississippi Votes, and R.L. Nave, editor-in-chief at Mississippi Today and president of the Jackson Association of Black Journalists, to talk Mississippi electoral politics. They discuss the upcoming Democratic Primary and the POC vote, the legacy of Jim Crow and voting rights in the state, and what progressive organizing looks like in such a red state. Be sure to check your feeds for a special ITT Bonus where you can listen to a live performance from award winning poet and author, Amanda Furdge, who opened one of our live shows in Jackson! ITT Staff Picks: - How a Jim Crow law still shapes Mississippi's elections, via Vox. - Working Toward Freedom: Investigating Mississippi's Modern Day Debtors Prisons, via Mississippi Today. - Read Arekia Bennett's piece on how young activists organize against voter suppression in Mississippi, via The Root.  

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