August 24, 2021

No Census Is Perfect

Julio is joined by Rogelio Sáenz, demographer and professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio and Hansi Lo Wang, NPR national correspondent reporting on the people, power and money behind the U.S. census, to geek out over the 2020 census results. They dive into the latest race and ethnicity data and discuss how the data will impact policy, funding, and redistricting. ITT Staff Picks: - Adam Serwer, writes about the 2020 census findings and the history of how the United States has counted people who identify as white, for The Atlantic. - For NPR, Hansi Lo Wang reports on how the white population is changing based on the recent census results: “it's largely the result of a major shift in how the U.S. census asks about people's racial identities.” - The U.S. population is becoming more diverse, due to growth in Latino, Asian and multiracial populations, writes Rogelio Sáenz about the 2020 Census for Latino Rebels. Photo credit: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File  

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