April 19, 2022

Oppressive States

Julio and guest co-host Terrell Jermaine Starr, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and host of the Black Diplomats podcast, are joined by Renée Graham, associate editor and columnist for The Boston Globe, and Shefali Luthra, health reporter for The 19th. They talk about the latest on the war in Ukraine, and attacks by Israeli forces on Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem. They also discuss the rise of restrictive anti-abortion and anti-trans legislation across the country. 

ITT Staff Picks:

  • Mohammed El-Kurd writes about Land Day in Palestine on March 30, and the “Israeli regime’s architecture of displacement,” in this article for The Nation. 

  • Shefali Luthra writes about Kentucky’s far-reaching abortion ban, which takes effect immediately, making it the first state where clinics will completely stop providing abortions, via 19th News. 

  • “Alabama isn’t the first state to ban health care specific to transgender youth,” writes Renée Graham, “But Ivey is the first governor to endorse making criminals of medical professionals who offer necessary care to youth related to gender identity,” for the Boston Globe. 

Photo credit: AP Photo/Stephen Spillman, File