September 20, 2022

Puerto Rico Five Years Later

Maria and Julio are joined by Carlos Edill Berríos Polanco, freelance journalist and a contributing writer for Latino Rebels, to discuss Hurricane Fiona’s impact on Puerto Rico and how the island is still recovering from Hurricane Maria five years later. They also talk about the issue of statehood for Puerto Rico, and how artist Bad Bunny is using his platform to raise awareness about corruption on the island. 

ITT Staff Picks: 

  • “Puerto Ricans have been forced to be incredibly resilient against a multipronged battering of natural and man-made disasters, but there’s only so much they can take without the necessary resources,” writes Carlos Edill Berríos Polanco, for Latino Rebels

  • For The Cut, Bindu Bansinath shares four resources for people who want to help Puerto Rico. 

  • Julio writes about the colonial reality of Puerto Rico and how Bad Bunny is uplifting the island in his latest music video, for MSNBC Opinion. 

Photo credit: AP Photo/Alejandro Granadillo