December 14, 2021

Social Disasters

Maria and Julio are joined by Karen Attiah, columnist for The Washington Post, and Aaron Morrison, national race and ethnicity writer for the Associated Press. They talk about the devastating tornadoes in Kentucky and other states this past weekend, and the connection to climate change. They also discuss the fatal truck crash in Mexico that killed 55 migrants, and unpack the latest with voting and reproductive rights in Texas. ITT Staff Picks: - This piece in Latino Rebels via the AP describes anguish amongst the families of migrants in Guatemala in the wake of the deadly truck crash in Chiapas, Mexico. - “The first warning came, and they just had us go in the hallway. After the warning, they had us go back to work. They never offered us to go home,” recalled one worker at a candle factory decimated by a tornado in Kentucky in this piece by Deon J. Hampton for NBC News.  - For the Texas Tribune, journalists James Barragán and Cassandra Pollock examine the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling on states seeking to challenge other constitutional rights. Photo credit: AP Photo/Michael Clubb  

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