December 3, 2019

Take Care of Home First

Maria and Julio are joined by Esther Wang, senior staff writer with Jezebel, and LaTosha Brown, cofounder of Black Voters Matter and 2019 Harvard IOP Fellow, to talk about Mayor Pete Buttigieg's struggle with Black and Latino support, and how that's an extension of his poor track record with those exact constituencies in South Bend, Indiana. They also discuss how at the backdrop of the impeachment inquiry is not only the President with a number of sexual assault allegations against him, but also men in his administration who are also facing similar allegations.    Staff Picks:  

- Pete Buttigieg Is a Lying MF, Michael Harriot's piece for The Root that Esther mentions in the roundtable 

  • Read the follow up article of what happened when Pete Buttigieg called the author of the above piece, also via The Root

    • Read Esther's latest for Jezebel: I Spent a Week Interrogating My Dislike of Pete Buttigieg and These Are My Findings
    • Multiple Women Recall Sexual Misconduct and Retaliation by Gordon Sondland, via ProPublica This episode was mixed by Leah Shaw.  For information regarding your data privacy, visit For information regarding your data privacy, visit  

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