October 26, 2021

Take Your Job and Shove It

Maria and Julio are joined by Luis Feliz Leon, writer and educator with Labor Notes, and Lauren Kaori Gurley, labor reporter for Vice Magazine’s Motherboard to talk about the labor strikes happening across the country, from farm equipment workers to undocumented immigrant workers. They also talk about how the pandemic has fueled the calls for better working conditions. Staff Picks:  - Luis Feliz Leon writes about a 64-year-old taxi driver who is fighting for debt relief for her medallion debt, for In These Times.  - Lauren Kaori Gurley writes for Vice’s Motherboard about Amazon warehouse workers in New York City who are filing for a union election.  - Clara McMichael writes about the workers forming New York’s first farmworkers union, for DocumentedNY.  Photo credit: Bryon Houlgrave/The Des Moines Register via AP  

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