August 28, 2018

The Case of Immigration Activist Ravi Ragbir

Back in February, Maria and Julio sat down with immigration activist Ravi Ragbir, who had endured what a federal judge called an "unnecessarily cruel" detainment and was threatened with a scheduled deportation. Since then, Ravi has been granted a stay from a New Jersey judge. But earlier this month, he was back in court in New York, fighting to be granted a second stay in hopes of preventing his new scheduled deportation date, September 7, 2018. With the recent updates to Ravi's case, In The Thick brings a special rebroadcast of Maria and Julio's conversation with Ravi and Donna Lieberman, Executive Director of the NYCLU. 

ITT Staff Picks:

  • The Intercept's latest reporting on the First Amendment lawsuit that Ravi is a part of.
  • Amy Gottlieb, the associate regional director of the Northeast Region of American Friends Service Committee and Ravi's wife, wrote this OpEd in the Washington Post. 
  • NPR's reporting on how ICE is targeting immigrant activists.  For information regarding your data privacy, visit  

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