December 1, 2020

The Fight After

Maria and Julio welcome Zerlina Maxwell, host of "Zerlina" on Peacock, and Nathalie Baptiste, a reporter with Mother Jones. They talk about the latest on the coronavirus, President-elect Joe Biden's cabinet picks, and the havoc Trump is wreaking in his last days in office. ITT Staff Picks:  - Nathalie Baptiste writes about the Trump administration's escalation of lame-duck executions — at a time when the death penalty is more unpopular than ever — in her latest for Mother Jones. - Arturo "Tootie" Alvarez writes, "Essential workers are not heroes who choose to sacrifice their health for their neighbors. It’s more accurate to frame essential workers as the neighbors we’re willing to sacrifice," in this piece for Latino Rebels. - ProPublica is tracking dozens of "midnight regulations" or policy changes from the Trump administration in its final days. Photo credit: AP Photo/John Minchillo, File  

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