August 28, 2020

The Legacy of Berta Cáceres

Maria and Julio are joined by Nina Lakhani, an environmental justice reporter for The Guardian US and author of the new book Who Killed Berta Cáceres? They talk about the life and legacy of Berta Cáceres, an indigenous, Honduran, human rights defender and environmental activist. And, they dive into the systems of oppression — racism, misogyny, capitalism — that played a role in her murder.  ITT Staff Picks:  - Maria Ines Taracena writes, "Lakhani, a veteran environmental justice reporter, persuasively lays out Honduras’ longtime status as an epicenter for U.S. intervention, militarization and imperialism," in this review for Ms. Magazine. - The Afro-Indigenous Garífuna community in Honduras continues to demand the safe return of five kidnapped land defenders. More in this segment from Democracy Now. - Latin America is deemed the most dangerous region for environmental activists via Latin America News Dispatch on Latino USA.  Photo Credit: Daniel Cima/CIDH/Flickr   

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