July 12, 2022

The Politics of COVID-19

In this special collaboration with Latino USA, Maria and Julio are joined by Carlos Odio, co-founder of EquisLabs, and Tanzina Vega, award-winning journalist, to talk about the lasting impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on Latino communities across the United States ahead of the 2022 midterms. They get into the immense losses experienced by Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities from COVID-19, and reflect on how the pandemic’s impact on the economy could affect voter turnout.

ITT Staff Picks:

  • A new medical journal study found that life expectancy for California’s Latinos fell six years, more than other populations during the pandemic, reports Jeanne Kuang for CalMatters.

  • David Byler answers the question, “if Democrats fail to make up ground — or lose more — with Latino voters, where would it hurt most?” in this opinion piece for the Washington Post.

  • Democrats should be worried about losing Latino support—and not just in the obvious places, writes Geraldo Cadava, in this piece for the Atlantic.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Eduardo Muñoz Alvarez, File